Modul ini berisi tentang definisi, fungsi sosial, struktur teks dan unsur kebahasaan procedure text. Dalam modul ini disajikan pula contoh procedure text.

Daftar Materi

Procedure text is a kind of text which describe how something is accomplished through a sequence of actions or steps.

The purpose of procedure text is to tell readers how to do something, to make something, or to operate something.

  • Goal

If you read a procedure text carefully, you will find the goal in the title of the text. Generally, the title reflects the purpose of the text. For example, How to Make Pizza, How to Operate Washing Machine, etc.

  • Ingredients

We’ll need materials to make something. In this part, we can write the ingredients, tools and materials we need to make or to do something.

  • Steps

To reach the goal, we must describe a series of steps.

Procedure text has some language features as follow:

Using simple present tense.

Using imperative sentence, e.g. mix the dough, boil some water, cut into slices, etc.

Using connective of sequence, e.g. then, while, next, etc.

Using numbering, e.g. first, second, third, etc.

Using action verb, e.g. turn, plug, put, cook, pour, fry, etc.

Using adverb, e.g. slowly, carefully, thoroughly, well, etc.

Honey Lemon Tea


1 tea bag

1 lemon

2 tablespoons honey

220 ml hot water


  • Pour hot water into the cup.
  • Dip tea bag in the cup.
  • Cut the lemon into two equal halves.
  • Squeeze the lemon over the strainer.
  • Add honey and stir until it is dissolved.
  • The lemon tea is ready to drink.

For detailed information about procedure text, watch this video.