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Daftar Materi

Learning English through song is a fun way. By learning song lyric, we can practice lots of different language skills. We can improve our vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and accent. Besides, we can improve our critical thinking by finding out the moral value of the song.

 A song lyric is written for some purposes, such as:

  • to entertain the listener
  • to teach moral value
  • to inspire the listener
  • to share feeling to others

Song lyric consists of some parts, they are as follow:

  • Intro. It's an introduction of the song which should catch the listener’s attention.
  • Verse. It's a chance to tell a story and this is where the story actually develops and advances.
  • Chorus. It's the culmination of all the big ideas of song and it’s a summary of what the entire song is about. 
  • Refrain. It’s a part of song that repeats throughout, typically at the beginning or end of the verse. The lyrics often contain the title of the song.
  • Bridge. It typically happens only once towards the end of a song, usually between the second and third chorus. 
  • Coda.  It's part of song that takes us out of the song’s emotional landscape.

Song lyric has certain theme or topic. Based on 2013 Curriculum, the topics of the song which learned by Junior High School students are related to their own life as teenager. The topics can be various, such as family (Mom/Dad) and friendship. One of the song which the topic is about friendship is a song entittled "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars. Download the following file to get the lyric.

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To get detailed information about Song Lyric, watch this video. 

The presenter in this video is Deni Firmansyah, S.Pd. He is an Englsih teacher of SMPN 1 Rancakalong.