Modul pembelajaran ini membahas tentang Report Text yang mencakup definisi, fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan. Pada bagian video, materi diuraikan dengan lebih rinci dilengkapi dengan contoh dan latihan soal. Materi dalam video ini disampaikan oleh Astri Rejeki, M.Pd, guru Bahasa Inggris SMP Negeri 1 Cimalaka.

Daftar Materi

Report text is a genre of text that presents information about something generally an entire class of things.  It is a result of systematic observation and analysis. Some example of report text are as follow:

  • Textbook
  • Lectures
  • Reference
  • Research paper
  • Research journal
  • Articles
  • Encyclopedias

The social function of Report Text is to give facts clearly about something without unnecessary comments, statements, and opinions.

To be more specific for listening and reading the social function is to acquire as much as possible knowledge about something. While for speaking and writing the social function is to demonstrate what you have learnt about a topic.

The generic structure of the report text covers two aspects. The first is General Classification and the second one is Description.

General Classification is the introduction of the topic that you will present in the text. It tells you the classification general aspect of things.

While Description, it tells you the phenomenon under the discussion in terms of parts, qualities, habits, and behaviors.

The language features of report text covers three aspects.

First, it’s based on research. That’s the most important one.

The second one, it uses specific technical terms and language.

and the third, grammatically, it uses simple present tense.

According to Jim Martin and David Rose (2011) and also Harni Kartika Ningsih (2020), there are three types of report text.

  • Descriptive Report Text
  • Classifying report Text
  • Compositional report Text

If it presents information about classification of things it’s called Classifying Report Text

If it presents the information about part of whole things it’s called Compositional report Text.

If the text presents information about a particular thing it’s called Descriptive Report text.

Now for current research and then also from current theories, it’s believed it is found that Descriptive text is part of report text. Descriptive report text is one of the types of report text.

To get detailed information about the report text, watch this video.